Welcome to our new website and new website format!  This new website format utilizes a content management system to

  1. make the website easy to update for non-html types
  2. no one person is responsible for keeping the website up to date
  3. ensure correct and appropriate content is posted to the website through a built in review system

Why did we move away from swe.org/regionb?

Unfortunately the swe.org site doesn’t allow access to a MSQL database for region websites so we can use a content management system.  Thus we’ve decided to go do another server.

What is a content management system?

A contenet managment system, or CMS, is a type of website software used to manage the content of a website.  The CMS we’ve chosen makes it easy to update for non html types to update the website.  Different users can manage different portions of the website with controls in place to ensure inappropriate content isn’t posted live.

Read more about the CMS we choose, WordPress.